HULPIAU Hides Milestones

August 2016

Hulpiauhides.com was set up in 2016 to serve our clients even better and give our company a well-deserved presence on the world wide web.

March 2000

Having outgrown its premises in Zele, Hulpiau Hides moved to its current new offices in Dendermonde, Belgium.

April 1990

Hulpiau Hides grew and doubled its production in two years.

July 1985

Peter Hulpiau finished his studies and joined the company for the first time.

August 1980

Our activities moved to the new workshop in Veldeken in Zele, Belgium.

August 1967

After Christiaan’s fatal accident, Raimond carried on with the company

February 1960

Christiaan Hulpiau, brother of current senior manager Raimond Hulpiau founded Hulpiau Hides.